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                       Today We'll talk about the best and wonderful world wide festival which is celebrating on mainly Christan in most of the country of USA and Astrally.  This is celebrated every year. But this year celebrating  Easter in this year on date April 16th, 2017 (Sunday). But easter is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians once a year is Christians celebrates the story of Jesus of christ and his resurrection after execution. The day is also a feature easter egg decoration and the easter hunt you choose the easter it is a great and beautiful of time spend together of family and friend. Enjoying this festival of every family and friend. And this is also an amusing festival of christen and i hope to enjoy this festival of every people. But today I am talking about easter festival. And How to celebrate easter festival. So continue reading this post and knowing how to celebrate easter this year.

Celebrating Easter As A Christian

How to Celebrate Easter
How to Celebrate Easter

1. Attend easter services

first of all, i am talking about every Christian church offer easter services on easter Sunday if you are attending any church for easter service can be a good way to focus on the Christian messages.
If you ask any local church if the are having on easter sermon, and attending the services to get the most out of it.

2. Read the easter story

Easter Story
Easter Story

Second thing I am talking about this is most important for you taking some time for easter Sunday and read the easter story it is a good way to focus on the meaning behind the holiday. And reminding yourself and engage more fully with your faith.

Most of the easter story found in the new Testament. And this story is found in a book such as Matthew, Mark, john, and Luke.

3. Focus on the meaning of yourself.
Meaning Of Easter
Meaning Of Easter

The third thing I am talking about firstly attending any church service or reading the Easter story can both be a great way to focus on this festival.
 However, you are talking sometimes in an Easter Sunday to reflect on the meaning of yourself in the holiday.
Sometimes thinking about what Easter what Easter mean to you. And share own thought and feeling about the holiday with your family and friend.

Sometimes you are celebrating Easter at  Home. For more fun and cook something tasty in the home. Easter Sunday generally meaning of giving the time to family and friends for more fun to share the family and friend your home cooked meals with one another.

Give the time to friend and family. And enjoy the Easter festival. And any Holiday is the great opportunities for us spend time with our friend and family and enjoying the time of Easter Sunday.  I think This is the beautiful festival for you because more fun with friend and family. And invite your friend enjoy and share the holiday with you.and sometimes ask your friend what do something in Easter Sunday because this day is a holiday for everyone.

In this festival sometimes hunting the egg to the friend and family members or hiding them. More fun for children hunting the egg in any friend or hiding them it is a more beautiful moment of Easter Sunday sometimes we are using plastic egg and make more fun with the friend.

We are knowing more thing about Easter celebrating. But one thing or to know third day on every egg is coloured for making the more beautiful moment and fun. And this day is making more decorated Easter egg.

4. Make use of your decorated Easter egg for fun.

Decoration of Easter Egg

After we are enjoyed this creating your designed egg. And this time every personal think about the fun way you might want to use them. And this day is Little competition to see who’s egg are the best-decorated categories such as best design, beautiful colour and best artistic.

I hope you are knowing how to celebrate Easter day as my thinking. And if you have some suggestion and idea about this Blog must tell me and you can download any image for wish friends and family.
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